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Over 10 years ago, Florida Accountable Care Services (FACS) began its value-driven journey fueled by the desire to create opportunities that preserve and support the independence and sustainability of providers, and positively impact the delivery and outcomes of healthcare through the implementation of innovative value-based programs. Together with our Guardian Teams, and in no small part, the dedication and commitment of our ACO providers, we have successfully generated $110 Million Dollars in shared savings, positively affected the lives of over one million patients, and delivered multiple programs and service delivery platforms to our ACO Practices which have consistently increased their individual profitability and the quality of care delivered to patients.

In further pursuit of our mission we have established a partnership with a multi-therapeutic network of clinical research sites dedicated to delivery of treatment options to patients and providers. The partnership is established between Guardian Research Organization, LLC and Accel Research Sites, and is committed to creating a clinical trials center of excellence that provides FACS primary care and affiliated specialist providers’ opportunities to participate and receive financial remuneration in clinical research trials funded by some of the most reputable pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies in the world.

Our focused therapeutic areas for clinical trials include:

  • Cardiology
  • Dermatology
  • Endocrinology
  • Gastroenterology
  • Nephrology
  • Neurology
  • Pulmonology
  • Urology

Through the partnership with Accel Research Sites, Guardian Research receives almost daily opportunities to engage in reputable, timely, and innovative clinical trials across the identified therapeutic areas. We invite you to formally participate in this endeavor dedicated to transforming practiced based scientific clinical research into effective treatments for the vexing diseases and conditions that impact your patient population. You may participate as a:

Collaborator—Serving as a referral source for patients under your care who may benefit from clinical trials directed by the Guardian Research Organization.

Contributor—Serving as a Principal Investigator (PI) or Sub-Investigator (Sub-I) for one or more clinical trials.

 Conductor—Leveraging your existing research experience to bring clinical trials directly to your practice with support from the established partnership between the Guardian Research Organization and Accel Research Sites.

Your participation with Guardian Research will, at a minimum, provide you and your practice opportunities to:

  • Increase the financial performance of your practice.
  • Provide your patient population with the most cutting-edge treatment approaches not otherwise available outside of a clinical trial.
  • Gain advanced access to new and exciting therapeutic and biotechnical interventions being tested by the most reputable pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies in the world.
  • Expand your level of collaboration with your peers, and the broader medical community.
  • Enhance your medical reputation and opportunities for publication and presentation at gatherings of your peers.
  • Provide yet another opportunity to establish your mark in the advancement of medical science.

To date we have secured a number of advanced clinical trials that many of your peers are participating in. Moreover, each day new opportunities emerge.   If you or your colleagues are interested in participating in cutting edge medical research as well as providing opportunities to your patients to benefit from promising new therapies, then please take the time to complete the interactive GUARDIAN RESEARCH PHYSICIAN INTEREST FORM  contained in this section of the website.


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